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Risograph Printing

About my

I was introduced to Risograph printing in my first semester of graphic design classes. Immediately, I was infatuated with the entire process. Fast forward to my final semester, I decided to do my senior project with risographing as my medium. The goal of my project was to reimagine what what could be done with a risograph printer. These types of prints are usually made of simple design that relies on the vibrant riso colors to make it eye catching. I experimented with printing incredibly complex designs, making neon colors look pastel, one color gradients, and different opacities. My biggest challenge was the registration. Risograph printers can only print two colors at a time. I printed up to 7 on some of my pieces. It took a lot of time and patience to get my design to line up when I switched colors. I even experimented with purposely misaligning the colors to create different effects. I had so much passion for this project and I'm extremely proud of the end result. 

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