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Student Work

This is a sample from my magazine, called Wander. I did this project for a publication design class. It is a travel magazine about Alaska, complete with original photos and one original article. 

I was tasked with creating a special edition item for the ultimate super fan of the band, The Neighbourhood. I created a vinyl record, a poster, and the special edition packaging. Click to view more.

Modernity is a typeface I created in 2022. It is based off of my own casual handwriting so it has a very organic style. It was made by drawing the glyphs in Procreate, refining them in Illustrator, then editing them using Fontself. 

Floraspace is a modular typeface a created in 2022. It is one glyph set that is a mix of upper and lower case letters.


In an exercise for a package design class, we had to create a new company and design a product for it. This was a package that I designed for a stationary kit. I created the brand Muse and then designed the package around that concept. 


A classmate and I worked together as the design team, corresponding with a group from the computer programming department to create a functional arcade machine. They programmed the machine and my team designed the graphics to bring it to life. We created the vinyl wrap using Photoshop, Illustrator, and Procreate and then installed it ourselves.  

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