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I'm Jalyn Jean 

I'm so glad you're here.

I am a graphic designer with a desire to create something meaningful. Every part of my life and every facet of who I am is driven by my passion for creativity.

I'm Jalyn. I'm a graphic designer from Anchorage, Alaska. My entire life, I've been an athlete first and an artist second. My life, family, and athletics have been intertwined since the day I was born. In 2021, I decided to switch majors and pursue my artistic passions. I started the Graphic Design program at Utah Tech University and immediately knew I made the right decision. Falling in love with the feeling of creating something and seeing it come to life has changed everything. My dream is to one day combine my passion for graphic design with my love for athletics. 

I also love fashion and music. I like to express myself and my creativity through all mediums: designing the perfect piece, coordinating the perfect outfit, analyzing a book, or spending hours curating a playlist to fit my every mood. No detail is too small. 

I'm so glad you're here. On my website and on this earth. 


who I am & what I love

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